Governor's Budget - A Note from Dr. Chestnut
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Monday, February 23, 2015
Proposed State budget for education will impact students.


Dear Parents/Guardians -

One of Governor Ducey’s priorities is improving public education. However, his proposed K-12 education budget for 2015-16 cuts all school district budgets (including charter schools) by 5% in “non-classroom spending.” This would mean an $800,000 cut to the Maricopa Unified School District. TheGovernor’s budget proposal does not add additional funds for “classroom spending” (additional teachers).

Non-classroom spending includes security staff, nurses, counselors, librarians, attendance clerks, custodians, bus drivers, bus mechanics, maintenance staff, food service staff, payroll staff, energy costs, insurance, food supplies, and administration.

MUSD has made cuts in administration in recent years. There are four fewer certified administrators than we had three years ago even though our enrollment has increased by 600 students during that time. MUSD spends $50 less per student on administration than the Arizona state average according to the most recent figures from the Arizona Auditor General’s Office.

If MUSD is forced to make $800,000 in non-classroom cuts the quality of education that students receive will be reduced and greater stress will be placed on teachers who will have to assume some of these responsibilities.

It is understood that the state faces a $480 million budget deficit in the next fiscal year that needs to be filled. However, in the Governor’s proposed budget, 42% of the cuts needed to fill this deficit are from K-12 education.

The legislature is in the middle of state budget negotiations right now. Please contact the Governor’s Office at and your legislators and ask them to make public education a higher priority. 




Steve Chestnut


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